To cope with the hot weather, Dubai is dropping artificial rain

The United Arab Emirates, in collaboration with the British University of Reading, has developed cloud-enhancing technology

With temperatures in Dubai hovering above 40 degrees in the summer, the UAE has turned to technology to create artificial rain.

As announced Francinefo, The Huffington Post Or Geo Magazine, Dubai has been working on this project for many years in collaboration with the British University of Reading. To create “false rain”, an airplane orbits drones in the clouds. These drones then emit electric shocks. Objective: To collect water droplets between them and to form large raindrops.

Although a direct link has not yet been officially established, recent tests seem to have worked. The United Arab Emirates National Weather Service recently released a video showing this infamous rain. Several videos were shared on the official UAE Weather Instagram account (ficofficialuaeweather).

The disadvantage, however, is that this technology does not control its amount or intensity, while causing rain. As a result, highways around Dubai have been submerged.