Here’s a List of the Top 10 Best Jon Pardi Songs on Youtube.


American country music singer, songwriter, and record producer Jonathan Ryan Pardi (born May 20, 1985) is noted for his neotraditional sound.

The United Center, The Gorge, Coca-Cola Roxy, Ascend Amphitheater, Austin City Limits, Azura Amphitheater, Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion, Billy Bob’s Texas, BMO Harris Pavilion, and the Brooklyn Bowl are just a few of the places where Jon Pardi has performed.

The likes of Austin City Limits, Summerfest, and Watershed Festival have all hosted performances by Jon Pardi.

Hartford Healthcare Amphitheater, Rose Music Center at The Heights, Rooftop at Pier 17, Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion, Leader Bank Pavilion, Landers Center, Ascend Amphitheater, and Ascend Ampitheater are all hosting forthcoming Jon Pardi concerts.

Without further ado, here are the top 10 songs of all time by Jon Pardi:

10. Jon Pardi- “Ain’t Always The Cowboy”

The 2019 album Heartache Mediation featured the song “Ain’t Always The Cowboy.” This song stays true to its country origins by telling the classic tale of love and betrayal between a cowboy and his gal, but in this case it’s the girl who runs away. Jon managed to turn an otherwise sad song about leaving into a joyful one.

9. Jon Pardi – “She Ain’t In It”

Since some contemporary artists have decided to combine parts of pop, rock, alternative, and even hip hop with country to create something completely new, the bar for what it takes to be country and be acknowledged as a country singer has been reduced and lifted frequently throughout the years. Many fans are still dedicated to preserving the authentic country sound, but it’s becoming increasingly difficult to do so because country music has borrowed so extensively from and combined so many various styles over the years. It’s all one happy musical family, trading ideas and inspiration to amplify each other’s impact.

8.Jon Pardi- “Night Shift”

Night Shift was included on Jon Pardi’s 2016 album, California Sunrise. This tune struck a chord not only with those who work the night shift but with anyone who has ever felt lonely because of work obligations that prevented them from spending time with their significant other. A common topic that is rarely addressed in country music. Many of Jon Pardi’s listeners will relate to this song, written in response to the frustration some men feel when they can’t spend the evening at home with the woman they care about.

7. Jon Pardi- “Borrowed Time”

The singer takes a more sombre approach on this track from his 2015 EP The B-Sides, which is about a man who sees that life is passing him by too quickly and decides he doesn’t want to take a single moment for granted. If you haven’t heard this song yet, you should. It will make you a stronger person overall.

6. Jon Pardi- “Paycheck”

The singer collaborated with Luke Laird on a song that many of his die-hard fans will recognise: a celebration of the paper you get from your employer that allows you to support yourself — and have some fun, of course! Many of his listeners can relate to the emotion, making this a crowd favourite throughout his live performances.

5. Jon Pardi – “Dirt On My Boots”

Many would argue that country music is predicated on misery and the worst things a person can go through, all of which follow one another in a chain reaction until the protagonist is buried under an avalanche of terrible luck. But the truth is, there’s as much variety in the stories told in country music as there is in any other style. In reality, if you pay close enough attention, you’ll find that country music is full of stories that are uplifting and even fun to listen to. Certain individuals like generalising about a specific genre either for the sake of ridicule or out of ignorance.

4. Jon Pardi- “Heartache Medication”

Many people turn to alcohol as “Heartache Medication” after a breakup because of the comfort it can bring. The man in the country song wipes away his heartache and sorrow with a few drinks, and the experience transforms him into a more happier person as a result.

3.  Jon Pardi- “What I Can’t Put Down”

In the song “What I Can’t Put Down,” which Pardi co-wrote with his producer Bart Butler and songwriter Brice Long, he opens up about his struggles with addiction.

2. Jon Pardi- “Head Over Boots”

In 2015, Jon Pardi’s “Head Over Boots” topped the US Billboard Country Airplay chart, becoming his first number-one single. It reached #4 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart and #2 on the RPM Canadian Country Tracks chart. Pari’s best-selling track, “Head Over Boots,” went triple platinum with the RIAA and platinum in Canada. From the album California Sunrise, this was the first of five successful singles.

1. Jon Pardi-“Heartache on the Dance Floor”

In “Heartache on the Dance Floor,” Pardi pines for a girl he met once but can’t stop thinking about. The song is bathed in California sunshine and romantic nostalgia. “Heartache on the Dance Floor” is a great summertime upbeat track, and it was composed by Pardi, Long, and Butler.


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