Top 10 Most Popular Zombie Films on Netflix: What Is the Best Zombie Film of 2022?

There is a zombie film for practically everyone. The undead are not only for horror enthusiasts! Do you prefer things that are in motion? Thankfully, there is a zombie film for it. Like some whimsy or romance with your zombie mayhem? There is a zombie film about the subject if you desire one. Whether you favour slow-burning horror or high-octane thrills, there is something for everyone in the zombie genre.

The adaptability of zombies is advantageous. No one in your group’s well-guarded doomsday bunker should believe anyone who claims to be in charge of determining whether reanimated corpses or zombies “count” as the walking dead. Do cannibalistic cravings that infect humans also count? Why separate hairs? When you see a zombie, you immediately recognise it. In keeping with the welcoming attitude of the zombie horde, we’d like to believe that we’re tolerant of people of all faith backgrounds. Regarding zombie-like diseases, there is no reason we cannot treat all individuals similarly.

How can you select only those zombies that will keep you awake at night when there are so many to pick from? With so many zombie-related options, what should you prioritise? Thankfully, you’ve found us! We have combed through Netflix like scavengers in search of the best zombie films, and we have seen them. Therefore, we have produced a list of the best zombie films now accessible on Netflix.


Oh Joon-woo, who operates a live-streaming service for video games, is in South Korea with his family when a strange sickness breaks out in his apartment complex and transforms the infected individuals into bloodthirsty cannibals. The streamer remains in his apartment while the horrifying disease sweeps throughout the city. Oh, she is currently home alone.

He is blocked off from the outside world and has limited escape options, yet he is determined to live despite the odds. If you’ve ever considered that a zombie apocalypse could make #stayathome more appealing, “Alive” is the show for you.

It appears that Twitch streamers with a supply of ramen are in an ideal position to survive the apocalypse. If the CGI-heavy sequel to “Train to Busan” in 2020 failed to impress you, you can believe that “#Alive” was supposed to follow it instead. Don’t let the terrible hashtag title fool you into believing otherwise.

Army of the Dead

“Army of the Dead” is a spiritual successor to Zack Snyder’s first feature film, “Dawn of the Dead.” The film is a combination of a robbery thriller and a zombie flick and is a spiritual sequel to that film.

After a military highway accident releases a zombie, the city of Las Vegas succumbs immediately to the voracious disease that quickly spreads throughout the city. Consequently, the authorities must quarantine the community.

Six years later, mercenaries are recruited to breach the quarantine zone and grab two hundred million dollars from a casino’s vault before the military detonates a nuclear weapon and destroys the city and all of its zombie inhabitants.

“Army of the Dead” is a film that is both foolish and cognizant of its own stupidity. How could one be uninterested in zombie showgirls and a zombie-tiger? Yes, indeed! It is a genre hybrid with amazing set pieces and original stakes.

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Atlantics Ada, a young Senegalese woman from Dakar, falls in love with Souleiman, a local tower building worker. Despite this, she is disappointed when the unpaid construction workers embark on a voyage to Spain in search of a better life, as she promised another guy.

“Atlantics,” a multigenre gothic romance tale, is best appreciated without prejudices. A few days later, a fire destroys Ada’s wedding, and a mysterious disease sweeps through her neighbourhood. Mati Diop’s interesting look at the restless dead merits it a position on this list despite not being a “zombie flick.”

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Andy and his wife, Kay, have mastered the art of surviving the zombie apocalypse during a supply run. However, soon as they acquire this seeming skill, zombies strike Kay.

Andy has barely forty-eight hours left to live, but he is willing to risk everything to get Kay to a hospital. During the journey, they were engaged in a car accident, and when Andy regained consciousness, he noticed that his wife had changed. Andy has been bitten and barely has two days to live. Rose, his young daughter, must find a new family because she will soon be an orphan.

Andy must negotiate with the remnants of mankind in order to ensure a future for his daughter while journeying through the Outback with a single, unwavering objective. “Cargo” is a masterpiece of genre drama that is also a powerful message about indigenous issues in Australia. It is underpinned by Martin Freeman’s outstanding lead performance. The film is incredibly tragic.

Corpse Bride

In the horror film “Corpse Bride,” the nerdy but kind-hearted Victor Van Dort proposes to a corpse in an uncomfortable manner. He was practising his fundamental wedding vows (meant for a living, breathing woman) and made the terrible error of placing the ring on the twisted, skeletal finger of a deceased woman.

It may happen to anyone. After being sent to the horrifying Land of the Dead, Victor must return to his fiancee, who is still alive and pounding her heart, as soon as possible.

Along the way, Victor begins to put together the murky details surrounding his chosen bride’s death (her body was discovered in the backyard, after all), and he begins to suspect foul play. “Corpse Bride” is a gloomy, horrifying, and superbly animated film that will delight both the living and the dead.

Kingdom Ashin of the North

This feature-length prequel to the popular Netflix series is set during Korea’s Joseon Dynasty and explores the backstory of the mysterious tribal heir Ashin as well as the origin of the strange plant that triggered an unprecedented chain of tragic events throughout the kingdom, including a plague that resurrects the dead.

The series itself was a Netflix success. You need not worry if you have not seen the “Kingdom” series. “Ashin of the North” is a fully working site-sequel that works both alone and as an introduction to the horror period piece for those who wish to dip their toes in.

The side-quel “Ashin of the North” is completely functional. Film enthusiasts, do not let the fact that it has been televised prevent you from viewing it! The film “Ashin of the North” is composed of equal parts revenge story, zombie action-thriller, and war epic. Kim Si-a gives a heart-wrenching performance as young Ashin, and the picture has a broad scope and narrative control.


The rural portions of Quebec, Canada, have been left devastated, sparsely populated, and teeming with zombie-like infected as a result of an outbreak. Even though their numbers are dwindling and they are being driven farther and deeper into the forest to escape the flesh-eating hordes, the few remaining survivors strive to retain a sense of normalcy.

“Ravenous” is a plain story about survival in a dangerous environment, yet despite its simplicity, it packs a deadly blow. The picture is loaded with tension, bloodshed, and people that grow on the viewer and each other.

Soul Thieves

Soul Thieves In “Soul Thieves,” which is set in the early 19th century during the Mexican independence movement, a group of Spanish bandits seek refuge at a complex managed by a group of sisters.

“Soul Thieves” is a rough-around-the-edges B-film that will add horrific flavour to any double feature featuring the undead. Robbers quickly realise that the sisters of Cordero’s major line of protection against them is not firearms, but rather zombies. The picture pays a homage to the works made by Val Lewton during his era, such as “I Walked with a Zombie.”

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I Lost My Body

A dismembered hand in a laboratory escapes from the refrigerator and begins a desperate hunt for the rest of its corpse. The sorrowful story of Naoufel’s life is presented through flashbacks as the hand futilely searches the outskirts of Paris for him.

Even though “I Lost My Body” is not a “zombie film” in the conventional sense, it deserves to be on our list because it expands our understanding of what it means to tell stories about loss, mortality, and corporeal disobedience.

The film by Jérémy Clapin is horrifying enough to satisfy genre fans, while also enticing gorehounds to try something a bit more arthouse. The film is empathetic and beautifully drawn, and it contains a fantastic score by Dan Levy.


Zombie horror film “Izla” is directed by Barry Gonzalez and stars Paolo Contis, Archie Alemania, Beauty Gonzalez, and Isabella Daza, among others. The narrative of the film revolves around a group of travel bloggers searching for a fabled island to visit on their next trip.

For the young explorers to accomplish their mission, they recruit two brothers to accompany them on their expedition. The brothers have no idea that the youthful adventurers are soon to uncover deadly mysteries. As soon as they accidentally discover the island, they are challenged with numerous diabolical mysteries.

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