October 23, 2021


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Top military officials are at odds with Joe Biden over the withdrawal of Afghanistan

Story – They acknowledged in Congress that the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan was a “strategic failure”.

Washington Correspondent

Senior Pentagon officials agreed in Congress Withdrawal from Afghanistan There was one “Strategic failure”, And the two generals agreed that they were of the opinion that not all troops should be withdrawn from the country.

A month after the pathetic eviction Kabul, The Armed Services Committee of the Senate and House of Representatives interviewed Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Millie and General Kenneth McKenzie, Commander-in-Chief of the Central Command in charge of Afghanistan. Their statements invalidated that one part Joe Biden.

The US president has repeatedly said on several occasions that his military advisers were unanimous in withdrawing completely from Afghanistan and abandoning the Bakram base. “Success” Exhaust action. In an interview with the ABC channel on August 18, the president responded

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