Twenty years ago, journalists Johanne Sutton, Pierre Billad and Volker Handloik were killed in Afghanistan.

On November 11, 2001, these three top reporters were ambushed by the Taliban in Afghanistan. Twenty years later, Francinefo pays homage to them.

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Twenty years ago, it happened in Afghanistan. Under the pressure of the Afghan uprising and the onslaught of the US-led international coalition, the Taliban were living their last hours in power in Kabul. On the ground, in northeastern Afghanistan, Sent by Johanne Sutton, journalist at RFI, Pierre Billaud, journalist at RTL and former Radio France and Volcker Handloik, German journalist Severe. On November 11, 2001, when they were targeted by the Taliban, they pursued a series of Northern Alliance fighters between Talokan and Kunduz. Kalashnikov fire, anti-tank rockets, at the end of the ambush, three journalists were killed.

In one of his last statements to the RTL, shortly before his disappearance, Pierre Billaud described the lives of Afghan women under Taliban rule. They described their life in a country on his microphone “Prison for Women”, The prospect of the Taliban’s downfall gave them little hope. Evidence that the Taliban will regain power in Afghanistan in 2021. Twenty years later, the much-loved news of Johanne, Pierre and Volcker came in full circle.

On November 11, 2001, from one of his last statements to the RTL before his death, journalist Pierre Billaud described the situation of women in Afghanistan.

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In this statement, we hear the voice of Johann Sutton: He is the one who confirms the translations of Pierre Pilate’s testimonies.

BIerre Billaud, 31, was in Afghanistan for three weeks when he was killed. Prior to RTL, he was Chief Correspondent for Foreign Service for two years, switching to the microphones of France Inter and Franceinfo. Johanne Sutton is 35 years old. Joined RFI in 1990, he was a reporter in London. Former head of RFI’s reporting service, he joined in 1996 and was re – elected as a field reporter. Volker Handloik, 40, worked for a German newspaper Severe.