Two daughters from Maradona deny harassing their father’s former lawyer

On Thursday, Diego Maradona’s two daughters denied allegations of digital harassment against lawyer Matthias Morla, who owns the rights to the Maradona brand, who is accused of fraud. During a preliminary hearing before Room 4 in Buenos Aires, they responded to a complaint by their father’s ex – friend Mee Morla, who died in November.

“It is obvious that Ms. Dalma Maradona and Giannina Maradona have been experiencing public humiliation not only on the networks but also on television and in the written press for many years., The lawyer for the daughters of the Argentine football statue was sent to court, in which the press received a copy. Diego Maradona’s two eldest daughters, born from his union with Claudia Villaface, are in conflict with Matthias Morla over his use of the Maradona brand.

Last Friday, the National Criminal and Correctional Appeals Chamber authorized Morla to re-market names, nicknames and nicknames referring to world-renowned champions: Maradona, D10S, L Dias, La Mano de Dios (God’s hand) and El Diego. On March 31, he was suspended by the courts for using cases for fraudulent administration and fraud initiated by Dalma and Giannina.