December 1, 2021


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Two Russian and American warships collided in Japanese waters

Two Russian and US warships approached the incident off the coast of Japan on Friday, when Russia accused the U.S. navy of being too close to its maritime border, which Washington denied. 5pm (0800 GMT), US Destroyer USS Safi, Operated in the Sea of ​​Japan for several days, “Approached the regional waters of the Russian Federation and tried to cross the border”, The Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement.

“The anti-submarine Admiral Tribouts in the area warned the foreign ship about these unauthorized actions.”, Adds the Moscow news release. «L ‘USS SafiAt 5:50 pm, when it was less than 60 meters, a U-turn was made, confirming the determination of the Russian team to prevent trespassing on national borders. OfAdmiral Tributes, Promises the Russian Ministry of Defense. The Russian navy announced to the U.S. ship that it was in an area “Joint Russian-Chinese maneuver closed to navigation due to artillery attack as part of joint maritime 2021”, Adds newsletter.

The U.S. Navy responded that this was a “lie.” The ‘USS Safi “Japan conducts routine operations in international waters of the sea”, The U.S. Navy, in a statement, calls for contact between the two ships “Safe and Professional”. Washington acknowledges that Russia has informed US sailors of maneuvers in the area, but insists they are planned. “In the afternoon”.

L ‘USS Safi A “Respected International Law and Practices”, The U.S. Navy added, pointing to the United States “Continue to fly, guide and operate wherever international law permits”. Events with the Russian Navy are rare in the Pacific. The region is dominated by China, which takes a dim view of the routine patrols carried out by the United States and its allies in the region’s international waters.

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