U.S. intelligence cannot confirm or deny their existence

In a statement released Friday, U.S. intelligence said Agrees that there is no explanation for the more than 140 events that occurred between 2004 and 2021.

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Are we alone in the universe? There is no definitive answer now. U.S. intelligence said in a highly anticipated report on Friday, June 25, that there was no evidence of extraterrestrial life. However, it cannot be said otherwise.

Army pilots have observed more than 140 incidents between 2004 and 2021, but all the information collected remains “Mostly Endless”. No. “Probably not even an explanation” For these events, this report issued by the Services of the Director of National Intelligence confirms. “We do not currently have enough data in our databases to report these incidents for specific reasons”, They add.

Three videos released by the Pentagon last year, one from November 2004 and two from January 2015 sparked interest in these events. After decades of secrecy, Congress ordered the executive to explain to the public about the activities of the Pentagon division. The U.S. military and intelligence are primarily concerned with determining whether these events can be linked to threats against the United States.

China and Russia are particularly on the lookout, with both countries conducting tests Hypersonic technologies move at 10 or 20 times the speed of sound. “This report, which does not bring a clear conclusion, is only the beginning of efforts to explain the causes of air traffic hazards in many parts of the country and in many parts of the world.”, Said Mark Warner, Chairman of the Senate Investigative Committee.