Undercover Season 4

Undercover Season 4: When It Will Be Premiere In 2022 On Netflix? Updates!

Undercover is a 2019 debut Belgian-Dutch Dutch-language television series. The series launched on Netflix on February 24, 2019. Limburg, a Flemish area bordering the Netherlands, serves as the scenario for a thriller based on actual events, in which undercover agents infiltrate a drug kingpin’s organization.

The season 3 finale of Undercover has now aired. It is a tremendous letdown, as the popular series once again had viewers on their toes. What does Netflix think about the continuation of Ferry and Bob? Do you think Undercover will return for a fourth season?

Will There Be an Undercover Season 4?

Begin with the truth, as there are no lies to be told. The streaming giant has not yet revealed Season 4 of the Netflix show Undercover. Before this season, the opposite was true. After then, word quickly spread about the impending release of fresh episodes. Elise Schaap notwithstanding, Netflix could not overlook the fact that mistakes were occasionally made.

Is Netflix Bringing Undercover Back for a Fourth Season?

Undercover’s fourth season has not yet been confirmed. However, there is significant room for development. Netflix and One, the Belgian television network, would be making a financial error if they were to stop now. Despite occasional criticism, the majority of reviews for all three seasons of Undercover have been positive. And perhaps most importantly, on high viewing.

The prospect of a fourth season of Undercover exists, and it would certainly be a success. Consequently, there are no problems. The actors are all in the same boat. Several prominent figures have indicated interest in Undercover’s fourth season.

What Do Frank Lammers and the Cast Want?

Players such as Tom Waes and Yannick van de Velde would enjoy a new season. Frank Lammers retains his scepticism over Undercover season 4. According to a renowned actor, the ferry will continue to be called Ferry as long as the plot is compelling. When it comes to a return, Lammers asserts that pleasure plays a crucial role, yet he still considers it advantageous.

Undercover Season 4

Therefore, Netflix and One have the option to commence production on Season 4 of Undercover if they so want. The only question is how the plot will unfold. The conclusion of the third season was quite suspenseful. Leyla and Serkan were handcuffed, and the protracted fight between Bob and Ferry was nearly over. Additionally, Bob made it clear that he was finished.

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What Is the Plot of Undercover’s Fourth Season?

Several story lines, for instance, were drastically reduced, but this does not preclude the existence of alternative possibilities. For instance, Ferry may be the focal point of Undercover’s fourth season. The famous antihero has reached his final destination. His brother-in-law Lars, who routinely cooks Ecstasy, is currently hospitalised and facing a probable prison sentence. In addition, Danielle’s friendship appears to have been damaged. Exists any chance for this formerly infamous drug lord?

The fourth season of Undercover would benefit enormously from such a plot. The only obstacle is whether or not Tom Wells will reprise his role as Bob. In the previous season, this character made it quite clear that he was done with the show. It is time for him to focus on his family, especially his newborn son Simon.

Undercover Season 4

There is still a chance that Netflix and One may find a method to reintroduce Bob into the plot. You can sure that he will agree to arrest a new drug dealer, as he is still a cop at heart. Alternately, if he regains his place at the top of the food chain, Ferry may succeed a current drug lord.

However, there are still several possibilities for the fourth season of Undercover. If Netflix and One decide to collaborate, we will certainly learn more throughout the remainder of this year. However, a potential release will take longer than originally expected. On the basis of past seasons, we may anticipate a new season to begin in early 2023.

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Who Will Become the Fourth Member of the Cast to Go Undercover?

Netflix has not yet confirmed the cast for the future season. However, extensive research and leaks have led us to believe that several cast members will return.They Are as Listed Below

  • Tom Wales, in the character of Bob Lemmens
  • In the part of Kim De Rooij, Anna Drijver excels.
  • In the film, Frank Lammers portrays Ferry Bouwman.
  • Elisabeth Schaap portrays Danielle Bouwman.
  • Raymond Thiry in the role of John Zwart.
  • Robbie Clemen, in his role as Marc Gevers
  • Nick Janssens is portrayed by Manou Kersting, while Liesbeth Mertens is portrayed by Katrien De Ruysscher.
  • Huub Smit plays the part of Dennis de Vries.
  • Sonja van Kamp (Lieke van den Broek) as Sonja van Kamp the actress that portrays Lena Vanderkerckhove, Sara De Bosschere
  • Kevin Janssens portrays Jurgen van Kamp in the role of Jurgen van Kamp.
  • In the film, Kris Cuppens portrays Walter Devos.
  • Nina Mensch took over the role of Jezebel van Kamp.
  • Emma Verlinden portrays Polly Lemmens.
  • Warre Verlinden portrays David Lemmens in this scene.
  • Mehmet Yannick van de Velde
  • Tanguy Dupont is portrayed by Wouter Hendrickx.
  • Jeroen van der Ven portrayed Patrick Diercks in this film.

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Season 4 Ratings for Undercover

Critics have awarded the anime relatively positive reviews, while IMDb has given it a rating of 7.2 out of 10.

On Rotten Tomatoes, the series has a score of 7.30 out of ten.


Netflix has not yet confirmed Season 4 of Undercover as of May 2022. There is no substantial evidence that production is currently underway.