October 25, 2021


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US drops charges against Hawaii founder Meng Wancho’s daughter, China acquits two Canadians

At his attorney’s office in Vancouver, Canada, Meng Wancho waited for more than an hour on Friday, September 24. The late U.S. Judge Ann Donnelly finally began his trial in federal court in Brooklyn, New York, which will pave the way for him. In front of his screen of publication, the daughter of the founder of the Chinese telecommunications company Huawei Ren Zhengfi drank tea, sometimes smiled, tried to do a part of the hair again, and received a strong inspiration, emphasizing this first official meeting with American justice.

The United States demanded that he be extradited to Canada Since his arrest in December 2018, he has been on his way to Mexico via Vancouver Airport. This Friday, everything happened so quickly: Meng Wanzhou quit reading his indictment; She is not guilty of all four charges against her (bank fraud and electronic transfers and conspiracy to commit these crimes). The lawyer, who was translated by a translator, presented the terms of the sealed contract with Meng Wancho, which plans to suspend proceedings against him until 1 p.m.There is December 2022 and Meng Wuanzo abandon them permanently if he respects the terms of a good conduct agreement.

The key requirement is not to dispute the account of what Hawaii, the finance director of Meng Wanzhou, says in four pages, which actually controlled the telecommunications subsidiary Skycom in Iran and was able to obtain the banned material despite US sanctions. As always, this is the use of the dollar (in transactions conducted by HSBC, kept without knowing the facts), which allows US justice to act superficially with third parties.

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Success of the U.S. Attorney’s Office

In its press release, US attorney Meng Wanshou was successful in explaining that he had admitted his mistakes, especially during a PowerPoint presentation in Hong Kong where he admitted to knowingly lying to HSBC Bank about the reality of Skycom’s control over Hawaii. “His confession confirms that Meng made a number of false statements as Huawei’s chief financial officer.” For “Protect the group’s banking relationship” The bank would not have maintained if it had known the reality of its relations with HSBC, Brooklyn’s deputy lawyer Nicole Bookman accused.

However, Meng Wancho did not plead guilty to any of the offenses, after the extradition request was withdrawn. Join his family in China After nearly three years of house arrest. The deal does not apply to Huawei, which is not suing, and Meng Wanzhou’s testimony, which she cannot deny, will undoubtedly be sued in the US case against the US company.

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