Use Apple Notes to its full potential with these tips

Use Apple Notes to its full potential with these tips



The Notes app is an infrequently used tool on the iPhone. It is a free product developed by Apple and is available on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Thanks to iCloud, you can seamlessly work on notes across your Apple devices.

Although many of these tips are for iPhone, they can be used on the Notes app for iPad and Mac.

(NB: It’s better on the iPad)

Notes is as secure as you want it to be

One of my favorite features of the app is the ability to lock a note with a password or Face ID. This will need to be setup in Settings before use. Tap Settings, Notes, then Password to create a password or turn on Use Face ID. Please note that if your device uses Touch ID, you will need to unlock it this way instead of Face ID.

To lock a note, go to the three dots in the upper right corner while you are in the note and tap “Lock”.

Collaborate with others

Share feedback with others to give them editing rights. View activity came with iOS 15 update, which provides a summary of the changes made since the last time you opened the note. It also includes a daily list of activities from each collaborator.

Swipe right inside the note to highlight in-depth changes. It will display edit times and dates and will include the names of other color-coded collaborators. You can even mention others with “@” to mark them.

If you want to share a note without giving others the ability to edit, just send a copy.

Easily scan documents

No need to use the old high-efficiency scanner. Simply click on the camera icon and press “Scan documents. Put your document inside the frame (one page at a time) and your notes will take care of the rest.

Under the camera icon, you can also take photos or videos to be automatically uploaded to the note. While you can’t make any serious editing, you can rely on your content or leave it inside the note. Any photos or videos taken within the Notes app can be saved to Photos. You can also upload existing photos or videos saved in the Photos app.

Pro tip: When you use a Mac, your iPhone or iPad will sync to take photos or scan documents for you. It will automatically appear in the note on your Mac.

Video from the Apple Support channel on YouTube

Draw or write

Notes can be a great way to draw or jot something down. While the iPhone does not have Apple Pencil support, you can use your finger or use a third-party stylus here.

When you click the pencil icon at the bottom, you are given six tools: a pencil, a highlighter, a marker, an eraser, a lasso tool, and a ruler. These tools provide users with the opportunity to create and build amazing notes all within the free app. Most of the tools’ features are self-explanatory. However, what you may not know about the lasso tool is that you can have a section to click on and drag it to another location.

Do you also own an iPad? Don’t miss out on these great features

  • Apple Pencil adds to the experience: If you have an iPad with the second generation Apple Pencil, double click on the flat tip near the tip of the pencil to switch between the pencil and the eraser.
  • There is an abbreviation for everything: My favorite shortcut lets you double-tap on the lock screen to take you directly to a new note. You can set this up by going to “Settings” and “Notes” and tapping “Access notes from the lock screen”
  • Convert handwritten notes to text: The pen with the letter A is what you will use to transform your writing. Simply type and it will turn into text

Orchestrate your heart’s desire

Notes users can change text formatting to accommodate different styles. You can add title, title, italics, periods, and more. While most notes are kept short, this is a great option for users who want more freedom within the app. There is even an option to create schedules and to-do lists.

Organizing is simple

Marie Kondo channel in you. you may:

  • pin Important notes at the top of your feed so they are easy to find;
  • Create folders to save notes under;
  • tag generation By typing # in the note to organize them all into smart folders. For example, if I type #applewatch, all of my notes with this tag will appear when I search in #applewatch;
  • Search by keyword at the top of the application either by typing or speaking to find a particular note or keyword;
  • Add a calendar event or a reminder By writing the date. Click Done and the date will be highlighted. Hit the highlighted date to create an event

Pro tip: If you have multiple email accounts in the Mail app, you can create and save notes under a specific account.

When you’re done with a note, the app lets you easily print or save it to the Files app. Heck, you can even save it to Pinterest if you like.

Save time

Quick Notes is a quick way to record the memo. This can be done on a Mac using hot corners Or drag from the bottom right corner IPAD. You can edit Quick Notes from Mac and iPad on iPhone.

For quick access to the app, you can also add notes to your iPhone’s Control Center. Go to Settings, Control Center, and tap the + sign next to Notes.

Don’t feel like writing? Ask Siri to write the note for you or use dictation. You can even scan text from another source.

Video from the Apple Support channel on YouTube

Anything else app notes tips?

Why use the Notes app? Are there features I missed? Let me know below.

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