USPS Informed Delivery App: Issues, Support, and Mail Tracking

In this post, we’ll cover the USPS Informed Delivery App in detail, including what it is and how it works. How to Resolve the Not Working Issue, How to Track Emails from Your Phone, and How to Contact USPS Customer Service.

What is the US Postal Service’s Informed Delivery App?

This Application enables you to keep track of all incoming mail and packages directly on your Mobile Phone.

The following is a list of the features that this Mail delivery information app includes:

  • Track your Shipments: Users may keep track of all incoming mail and packages in a single location. You may view all of your Mails in one location via its protected dashboard.
  • Alerts & Notifications: Users can schedule email and text alerts to be notified about the status of their packages’ delivery.
  • Instructions for delivery: Simple delivery instructions can be specified. For instance, you can ask the courier to leave the box with a neighbour or to secure it. Additionally, redelivery can be scheduled.
  • Additionally, you can use the Mobile Application to report lost packages, missing mail shipments, and so on.
    USPS Address Change
  • Assume you recently moved to a new house, but your incoming parcels still have your old address on them.

You may quickly modify your address and redirect your deliveries using USPS Dashboard.

Thus, users can change their informed delivery addresses, as well as their address validation codes and the notifications they receive for their former addresses.

The following steps will guide you through the process of changing your address on the official website:

  • To begin, navigate to MoversGuide.USPS.Com.
  • That website will guide you through the process of changing your address on your USPS account.
  • Alternatively, you can visit your local Post office and submit your application in person.
  • In either case, you will receive a letter confirming your address change with a nine-digit alpha-numeric code.
  • Until your information is confirmed, your related account will be suspended and will be reinstated upon confirmation.
  • You may resume notification and delivery following the Confirmation.

US Postal Service Tracking Mail

You can quickly track your mail and deliveries with the Informed Delivery App.

Additionally, users can preview images of their incoming mail and packages.

Additionally, they have the option of managing their product delivery while on the go.

The following are the features that this App offers:

  • You can enrol in Text or Email Notifications to receive notifications about your packages.
  • Additionally, you may configure Delivery instructions from the Delivery dashboard.
  • If a delivery attempt fails, customers may request a redelivery.
  • Additionally, if you do not have the App, you can track your Packages.

Visit to track your mail and packages using your tracking number.

There, you may enter up to 35 tracking numbers simultaneously to keep track of them all in one location.

Is USPS Informed Delivery ineffective?

The USPS announced a few weeks ago that they will be discontinuing their Informed Delivery Apps for Android and iOS mobile devices.

Therefore, if you are missing features and a few options stop working, this will likely continue until the functionality is fully removed.

However, you can still track all of your Mails and other information online while using the Web version.

Even if the App is shutting down, you will continue to receive Email/Text notifications about your Packages.

Customer Service, United States Postal Service

If you have a problem or concern about your Packages, you can use this App to file a complaint, send a letter, or call the USPS Customer Care number.

The following is a complete list of United States Postal Service customer service contact information-

Customer Service Email – Here is a contact form.
Customer Service Contact Information – 1-800-275-8777
Locate the nearest Post office – Use the Post office finder tool.

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