Victor Paparico was sentenced to fourteen years in prison for corruption

Victor Paparico, during the corruption investigation in Minsk on February 17, 2021.

Victor Babrikov, who wanted to run in the August 2020 presidential election against Alexander Lukashenko but was arrested a few weeks ago, has been sentenced to fourteen years in prison from Tuesday, July 6, for corruption, against the most famous Belarusian president. “Victor Babarikov sentenced to fourteen years in prison in a maximum security colony”, Announced his support on the opponent’s Twitter account.

He was charged with bribery “Significantly” And for money laundering, the Belarusian voluntary organization Viஸ்na noted, which confirms this sentence of the Supreme Court. This decision was taken by the Supreme Court. Misses the opportunity to appeal to Babriko.

According to a freelance journalist who appeared at the trial, he was fined ,000 45,000 and banned from performing administrative work. Prosecutors say he committed the crimes while he was head of Belgaspromp, a Belarusian subsidiary of a bank owned by the Russian company Gosprom. The other seven former employees of the bank, Mr. Those who testified against Babrigo were sentenced to three to six years in prison, the independent journalist said.

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“Human Values”

The 57-year-old protester was arrested as a staunch opponent of Alexander Lukashenko in the presidential election. The former banker had collected more than 400,000 signatures to verify his candidacy for the presidency – only “100,000”. How could Victor Babrikov have known him before he became president of the Russian bank Belgosprombank until May 2020 and in politics? “Cockroach”. Both are now behind bars.

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Mr. Lukashenko’s re-election sparked an unprecedented protest movement last summer, which rallied tens of thousands of protesters over several months. Maria Kolsnikova, a close adviser to Mr Babariko, was one of three women who led the protest after the arrest of several reported candidates. He was imprisoned for refusing to be deported. The other two, Svetlana Sikanovskana and Veronica Cepkalo, who became the face of the opposition, left the country.

Mr. Paparico’s sentence comes in the context of a whole series of lawsuits against opponents, NGOs and journalists. “We can build a country with human values ​​where the individual will be respected.”, Mr. At the end of June, during his interrogation, he told Babriko that he believed him “Happy, Honest and Open Belarus”.

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