Video – One year of rain in 48 hours: Sicily affected by floods

The flood is caused by heavy rains in Sicily at the moment. The water rose within a few hours, and firefighters were suffocated despite the waterfall vehicles being reinforced. They have already helped more than 500 people and provide simple instructions to residents: “Take refuge in buildings”.

But inside there is danger. As evidenced by the case of a university occupied by Torrent, as shown by impressive amateur films aired by TF1. The frightened students took refuge above.

Rainfall is so intense that some roofs cannot resist. According to officials, the storm that hit eastern Sicily was historically significant: it would have received one year of rainfall in 48 hours. So far, two people have died and one is missing due to bad weather, and all three have drowned. But the result could be catastrophic, and Italian officials are worried because the rain may not stop until next Monday.

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