Video – Volcano in the Canaries: The entire island could not be identified after the eruption

This record is from 1585: 84 days erupted without interruption. Cumbre Vieja’s operations on the Spanish island of La Palma have now reached 88 days. The whole of the island is unrecognizable, and in many places it is covered with ash so dense that it swallows up houses. Find these dilapidated images in the TF1 20H report at the top of this article.

Cleaning up would be a big task, but the small town of Tajuya at the foot of the volcano wants to believe it. Now, three months later, the volcanic eruption of Cambray Viza seems to be coming to an end. If the inactivity observed in the last 48 hours persists for another ten days, it may be considered officially over.

“To date, the absence of visible signs from the surface and monitoring systems confirms the fatigue of the eruption process, even if volcanic activity and volcanic eruption are not ruled out.”, Maria Jose Blanco, director of the National Institute of Geography (IGN) in the Canary Islands, told the press.

So there is no guarantee that the episode will end. Again this Monday, 33,000 people had to confine themselves under the threat of toxic smoke. Although the main crater appears to be asleep, many holes continue to emit dangerous carbon dioxide-like gases.

In total, 1,198 hectares were covered by lava, and ocean currents formed two peninsulas, expanding the island’s area to 44 hectares and one to five hectares.