Virgin River Season 4 Ending Explained: Who is the Dad of Charmaine’s Baby?

We just wanted to say hello to our fellow Virgin River fans: How are you doing? Season 4 premiered this week, although we’re sure some of you have already watched the entire 12-episode run. And who are we to pass judgment? With all of Season 3’s cliffhangers, you undoubtedly expected answers quickly. We, too, flew through the season, savoring every (and we mean every) delectable detail. We now know the father of Mel’s (Alexandra Breckenridge) child, the identity of Jack’s (Martin Henderson) “mystery” shooter, and how Hope (Annette O’Toole) is navigating her new life after suffering a severe brain injury.

And now that we have these answers—which we will discuss shortly—we should be fine, right? Not quite. Though the season 4 finale provided answers to some of the show’s most vexing questions, Virgin River wouldn’t be Virgin River without a few narrative twists. We expected this given that Netflix has already renewed the series for season 5. Without further ado, let’s take a look at what transpired in the season 4 finale. Just be warned: there will be a LOT of spoilers!

Who is Mel’s Baby’s Father?

Hello, Jack! In season 3, we spent a great deal of time discussing who we believed to be the father of Mel’s soon-to-be-born child. Although the answer was undoubtedly Jack, we were still not certain. A paternity test seemed the obvious option, but Jack was hesitant to take one. (Remember when he told Mel he feared it might “alter” the way he thinks about his child?) However, after Mel’s ex-mother-in-law claimed custody of her embryos, the pair ultimately chose to proceed with the test. When the couple chose to become engaged before hearing the test results, our hearts warmed. Jack and Mel have again shown the world that true love triumphs.

Virgin River Season 4 Ending Explained Who is the Dad of Charmaine's Baby

When Mel and Jack receive the documents, they experience a mental shift. Mel informs Jack that she no longer requires the information. On the other side, Jack is curious. As they opened the email, our hearts were pounding. After a moment of confusion, we learn that Jack is the father and that they are expecting a daughter! “Oh my god, Jack exclaimed. “We’re expecting a baby girl? I am thrilled at the moment.”

Charmaine’s Twins Are Not Jack’s Children

Up until this time, everyone assumed Jack was also the father of Charmaine’s pregnant twins. Charmaine, who is five months pregnant at this time, tells Jack and Mel that she lied about Jack being the father.

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Christopher and Paige Are Currently Secure (After Preacher Takes Care of Vince)

It has been difficult to observe the situation involving Preacher, Paige, and Vince. And when Vince threatens Paige with a gun and wants to know where she buried Wes, things finally come to a head. Preacher, however, interrupts, saying that he was the one who laid Wes to rest.

Soon after, Preacher and Vince start fighting. Preacher finally knocks Vince out with a fire log following a fierce struggle. We still have several inquiries even though it appears that Paige, Christopher, and Preacher are safe at this time. Vince is either unconscious or dead. Will Preacher be held accountable for Wes’s passing? What does this mean for Julia and Preacher?

Denny’s Situation Has Finally Been Revealed

Doc’s grandson has remained a mystery since his appearance on the show. Despite his curiosity about Lizzie’s burgeoning connection, he has continually rejected her approaches. He also raided the clinic’s medicine cupboard for no apparent reason.

In the season finale, we finally got our answers. Denny told Lizzie he has Huntington’s Disease, a rare and genetic progressive brain condition.

Virgin River Season 4 Ending Explained Who is the Dad of Charmaine's Baby

Finally, Jack’s Shooter Was Identified

This season, after debating all of the hypotheses regarding who shot Jack, we finally got our answer. After seeing CCTV footage of Vince, Jack had a massive flashback, finally recognizing it was him all along. (Congratulations if you guessed correctly!) When Wes’s brother came to Jack’s Bar, he was seeking for Preacher but instead stumbled into Jack. After a fight, Vince pulled out his revolver and shot Jack.

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Virgin River welcomed Melissa Montgomery

Although Jack has resolved one significant issue, season five suggests that he may be heading in the direction of another. The business partners went out to dinner with Mel, Jo Ellen, and Nick’s sister, Melissa Montgomery, who we later learned was in charge of Calvin’s drug operation two episodes earlier after Nick agreed to invest—threefold!—in Jack’s glamping company.

Although we don’t spend a lot of time with Melissa, we do learn earlier in the season through the knitting-slash-gossip circle that she is in charge of what appears to be a sizable family trust. The fact that someone is secretly taking pictures of Melissa, Jack, and the others at the restaurant suggests that someone might have a stake in that money as well. Not to add the ominous music that begins to play as Melissa first emerges. Whoever she is, she appears to be setting up the major conflict for the upcoming season.

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