Vladimir Putin will not go to the World Climate Conference

Russia is returning a little more. After announcing that Vladimir Putin I will not go to the G20 in Italy, the Kremlin said on Wednesday that the Russian president “will not go to Glasgow”
World Climate Conference COP26.

However, government spokesman Dmitry Peskov assured that the issue of climate change was “yet one of the highest priorities of our foreign policy.” He added Russia Mentioned in COP26 without providing further details.

What are the climate obligations for Russia?

Vladimir Putin declared Russia one of the world’s largest polluters in mid-October. Targets carbon neutralization by 2060. Daily Commersant revealed in early October that the Russian government is preparing a new environmental strategy with strong measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. According to the plan, Moscow aims to reduce its emissions by almost 80% by 2050, including the phasing out of coal as a source of electricity in favor of more nuclear power.

Environmental issues did not appear until the delay in official speeches in Russia, one of the world’s major producers of hydrocarbons. Vladimir Putin has long been reducing the role of humans in climate change, but he has recently shown greater determination in this regard, especially due to the increase in natural disasters – such as the record fire – in his country.