Volcanic eruption in La Palma: An unusual image of a house miraculously saved from a lava flow

Desolate films are being aired in the media around the world after this tragic event. Among them, this nugget.

The The volcano flows The reason for the walk Gumbre Vija volcano erupts, On the Spanish island Palm, In the archipelago Canaries, Forced the authorities to order new ones Exhausts In El Paso (center), according to local mayor Sergio Rodriguez.

6,000 residents were evicted

Residents of Dakante Alto County were evacuated at the end of this Monday and after a new one on Tuesday morning today Volcanic flow From another eruption of the volcano in Cumbre Viza National Park, he told the Spanish television channel TVE.
“The lava, on its way to the sea, was a little capricious and deviated from its course.”, He explains.
According to TVE, 6,000 of the island’s 80,000 residents had to leave their homes, the first in La Palma since 1971.
The volcano erupted on Sunday, spewing smoke and ash, engulfing forests and homes on an island off the northwest coast of Africa and already shaking by the earthquake of the previous days.
The blast caused extensive damage, but no casualties.


Desolate films are broadcast in media all over the world. Among them, this nugget.

Photo Alfonso Escalero Snapshot of this tragic event otherwise signed one. A house that miraculously escaped the volcanic flow, and was surrounded by a devastating landscape after the magma had passed. A terrifying photo but some have already started calling it “Esperanza” (hope) Cher Chain. Most symbolically, the photo was taken in an area called “El Paraso”, heaven.

For his part, Alfonso had a harsh title with his photo Facebook page : “Everything is like that in La Palma. Today, I do not dare to take pictures during the day.”.