December 1, 2021


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Volcano erupts in La Palma – cone collapses again, another volcanic eruption, 60 earthquakes at night: last great pictures of the disaster

Experts believed in a peace. Until this weekend.

Gumbre Vija Volcano Included Explosion Last October 19. Since then, amidst volcanoes, eruptions and ashes, he has continued to terrorize the people of the island. La Palma (Canary Islands, Spain). More than 2,000 homes were destroyed or evicted.

Convection current

For the past few days, experts have been believing that the time of rest has finally come Gumbre Vija Volcano. But the last few days have lied to them. First of all these exciting pictures Convection current.


This Saturday, A Earthquake 4.9 magnitude rocked the island. Saturday through Sunday night, 60 Earthquakes Have been identified.

An instability caused Volcanic cone partial collapse And an impressive volcanic eruption on the rise.

ud83c uddee ud83c udde8 ud83c udf0b – M4.9 quake hits La Palma.
Earlier, part of the main cone of the volcano collapsed on the island.
The lava overflowed from the secondary opening.

-Jean-Louis David (timbaland57) October 24, 2021

New acting

This Sunday, experts at INVOLCAN (Volcanic Company of the Canaries) marked the birth of another Volcanic flow, South Groove This time.

New volcanic video south of the volcano sent at 11.00 am (Canary time) sent by an INVOLCAN crew in Los Manzas / Video of the new volcanic eruption south of the volcano sent at 11.00 am (Canary time) by an INVOLCAN crew in Los Manzos

– INVOLCAN (@involcan) October 24, 2021

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