Wagner Moura Kids: The Proud Father of Three Sons!


Moura was born in Salvador and raised at Rodelas, 540 kilometers outside of the city. His father, José Moura, was in the military, including his mother, Alderiva, and his younger sister Lediane, a pediatrician, became accustomed to moving.

His interest in acting began with a schoolmate who, like him, was odd to the other students. Wagner intended to take the same measures as his colleague in order to select a class that would fit in.

During his adolescence in Bahia, he became great friends with Emmy nominee actor Lazaro Ramos. Ramos stated that his pal has always been a strong supporter of his profession.

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Proud Father of Three Sons, Wagner Moura!

Wagner Moura and his lovely wife have three children: Bem Moura, Salvador Moura, and Jose Moura.

Bem Boura, their first kid, was born on August 9, 2006, and is said to play football at his school.

Salvador Moura, the second child, was born on July 21, 2010. Salvador was born in Rio de Janeiro to Brazilian parents and enjoys spending time with his friends and family there.

Wagner Moura Kids

Wagner Moura’s third kid, Jose Moura, was born on July 16, 2012. Jose, the charming character, was named after his grandfather.

The couple has also explained why they chose these names for their boys, as Bem means “Peace” and is an African name.

Similarly, the name Salvador comes from the Bible and means “Savior.” The youngest child’s name is an abbreviated form of Joseph, a Spanish name that means “May God grant increase.

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Who Is Wagner Moura’s Wife?

Wagner Moura and Sandra Delgado are married. She follows in her husband’s footsteps as an accomplished artist; he is a renowned documentary filmmaker and photographer who has won numerous awards.

Sandra Delgado was born in Brazil to parents Marisa and Inacio that year. She was born in Brazil and holds dual citizenship there and in Latin America.

She eventually went to the United States with her family. Sandra’s background is as a reporter, but she switched to photography after leaving her job as a news correspondent.

Both the Documentary Photography Distribution Award and the Vladimir Herzog Award for Amnesty and Human Rights were bestowed upon Deldago in 2005.

Her solo shows, such as Memory Objects, Sea of People, Voices of Time, The Feminine, Dance, Belly, and others, have received widespread recognition.

The Brazilian photographer claims that in-depth knowledge of photography’s intricacies is essential for professional success.

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