War in Ukraine: France sends a message of hope to Russia by stationing a Charles-de-Gaul aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean

On Thursday, March 3, Armed Forces Minister Florence Barley announced that the French aircraft carrier Charles-de-Gaulle and its subcommittee were to be stationed off the island of Cyprus in the Mediterranean.

Thus they can “observe and prevent” Minister Florence Barley. Thus bringing Romania closer.

To illustrate this conclusion, the Armed Forces Civil Servants released a video following the announcement.

“Our work is absolutely undeniable”

The aircraft carrier and its companion “can Join the Mediterraneanபகுதி an area that allows aircraft «to carry out air police, intelligence and intelligence operations on aircraft carriers (…); These planes will fly north From Romania There they would have the ability to observe and prevent, “said Florence Barley.

The Minister also recalled that France had been flying since the beginning Invasion of Ukraine“.

The French aircraft carrier set sail in early February to take part in the war against Dash in Syria and Iraq.

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