October 23, 2021


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Washington abandons use of military aid in Cairo

This is a code call for an order issued by the US administration to Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi respecting human rights. Condemnation is largely inadequate in the eyes of human rights organizations “Treachery” By US President Joe Biden. A spokesman for the State Department said on Tuesday, September 14, that the State Department had decided to provide a small portion of the military aid to Cairo – $ 130 million or 110 110 million – conditionally for human rights progress.

Of the $ 1.3 billion in U.S. military aid annually, $ 300 million is linked to meeting human rights standards. Although the federal government has said it will address the issue in its foreign policy, the Biden administration, in the name of the importance of its relationship with Egypt for national security, has decided to waive congressional control, as previous governments have done.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen “Not going to certify” In Congress “Egyptian government takes sustainable and effective measures” In support of human rights, “Because we continue to discuss our serious concerns.” In this regard, the State Department spokesman said. However, this would deviate from the law “Making Available” Basically $ 300 million support “Counter-Terrorism, Border Security and Prevention of Spread”. Of this envelope, 170 million will be released unconditionally, and only 130 million “If Egypt takes specific human rights action”, He added. “Egypt is America’s most valuable partner, especially in regional security, counter-terrorism and trade.”, He justified.

“Missed Chance”

This decision was condemned as a “A complete betrayal” Commitments of Biden Management “Put human rights at the centerCowAt the heart of its foreign policy, especially its relationship with Egypt. ” In a joint statement by 19 organizations, including Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch. The Biden administration had said it would no longer give a blank check to Trump’s preferred dictator. By this decision, respect for human rights is mere rhetoric and indicates that President CC is not under any serious pressure to improve his human rights record. “, Bahe Eldin Hassan Director of the Cahro Human Rights Research Institute (CIHRS) numerous.

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