Andy Jassy Net Worth

Andy Jassy is an American businessman and Amazon Web Services’ chief executive officer. Jassy is one of the minority owners of the National Hockey League’s Seattle Kraken. He has been the leader of AWS since its start in 2003.

Jassy is of Jewish and Hungarian descent. His father was a prominent partner at the New York-based legal firm Dewey Ballantine.

Jase worked for five years following college before pursuing his MBA. He worked at MBI as a project manager. He and an MBI colleague founded and dissolved a corporation. In 1997, he joined Amazon. His early positions included that of marketing manager.

In 2003, Jassy and Jeff Bezos conceived of the concept for Amazon Web Services, a cloud-computing platform that debuted in 2006. He oversaw AWS and its 57-person staff. The Financial Times named Jassy Person of the Year in 2016, and the following month he was moved from senior vice president to CEO of AWS.

As CEO of AWS in 2020, Jassy earned a base salary of $175,000 that year. In April 2018, he also received a restricted stock unit award for 10,000 shares. It was stated this year that Jassy would succeed Jeff Bezos as CEO of Amazon in the third quarter of 2021, with Bezos becoming executive chairman.