Austin Mcbroom Net Worth

He is most well-known for his Instagram and YouTube audiences. As of the time of writing, Austin has around 7 million Instagram followers, just under 2 million Twitter followers, and approximately 1 million TikTok followers.

His family’s YouTube channel, The ACE Family, has over 4 billion views and 19 million subscribers. In May of 1992, Austin McBroom was born in North Hollywood, California.

Catherine Paiz is married to the actor Austin. Their video “The Best Proposal Ever” has received over 39 million views. Austin, his wife Catherine, and their three children are featured on the channel

They have leveraged their YouTube fame into a lifestyle brand that offers them a garage full of costly cars, a $10 million home, and more. However, their accomplishment has not been without dispute.

LiveXLive, a marketing firm, filed a lawsuit against McBroom’s company claiming $100 million in damages. Two boxers filed a lawsuit saying they are due approximately $2.7 million for their efforts.