Bam Margera Net Worth

Early Years Brandon Cole Margera was born in West Chester, Pennsylvania, on September 28th, 1979. He is the younger brother of Jess Margera and Vincent Margera’s nephew.

Competitive Skateboarding From 1997 to 1998, Toy Machine Skateboards sponsored Margera. He joined Squad Element, the demo team for Element Skateboards, in 2001 but left in 2016.

A Career in Film and Television Margera and his friends filmed themselves skateboarding and performing stunts for the independent CKY video series.

Other Activities Additionally, Margera has written, produced, and starred in a number of independent films. Haggard (2003) was based on the true events of his close friend Ryan Dunn, starring Margera as “Valo.”

Real Estate Bam purchased a 14-acre property in West Chester, Pennsylvania for $1,195,000,000 in January 2004. During the time he owned the site, he turned it into what is now known as “Castle Bam.”