Big Timber Season 2 Release Date

A few decades ago, this piece would have been printed on actual paper; without the work of loggers and lumberjacks around the world, this would be unthinkable. However, beyond this fundamental truth, the majority of people know little about the logging sector.

The first season of “Big Timber” aired in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, therefore it was presumably filmed before Canada imposed a quarantine. The series was filmed between September 2019 and January 2020, per The Cinemaholic.

Assuming “Big Timber” is renewed for a second season, fans may expect to see some famous faces when the show finally premieres.

Together, these four have established themselves as one of the remaining independent logging companies in Canada. If “Big Timber” were to return for a second season, there is no doubt that these four actors would reprise their roles.

In the event of a second season of “Big Timber,” it is questionable whether the Wenstobs would contemplate relocating. It may be simple for a typical reality programme to find new settings for each season, but the logging industry has limits that do not apply to other shows.