Boys Over Flowers Season 2

Hana Sugisaki, Sho Hirano, and Taishi Nakagawa star in the second season of the Japanese drama Boys Over Flowers, which began airing in 2018. Based on the second season of the Yoko Kamio-written and -illustrated sheen manga Boys Over Flowers.

The plot occurs ten years after the first F4 graduate from high school. Since their departure, the school has continued to decline. Haruto Kaguragi and his four high school friends form Correct 5 (5). Their objective is to identify and expel students who do not pay their school fees.

After she puts him in his place at a party, Kaguragi falls for Edogawa, just as he did in the first series. It’s unfortunate for Kaguragi, however, that Edogawa is engaged to Hase Tenma, the student body president at Eitoku’s rival school, Momonozono.

Gu Jun-Pyo, the leader of F4 and heir to the Shinhwa Group, is portrayed by Lee Min-Ho. Shinhwa is one of the most successful companies in Korea, and because he was born into a wealthy family, Jun-pyo believes that money is everything.

Bae Jong-Byung, the planning director for Boys Over Flowers, discussed the show’s issues in a 2009 interview with Asia. He stated that money was always an issue and that he had to include numerous product placements in the show to keep it on the air.