Cheryl Burke Net Worth

Cheryl Burke is an American-born dancer, model, and television host who was born on May 3, 1984. She has participated in all 23 seasons. Her participation as a professional dancer on the ABC show Dancing with the Stars brought her the most notoriety.

Burke devoted herself to dance after graduating from high school and competed internationally. All of her hard work paid off spectacularly in 2005, when she was named World Cup Professional Rising Star Latin Champion, San Francisco Latin Champion, and Ohio State Ball Rising Star Latin Champion.

An ABC talent scout offered her a spot on “Dancing with the Stars” after observing her that year. She debuted as a dancer in the second season of the show. Drew Lachey was her first celebrity collaborator.

Burke and Smith wowed the judges and the audience with their routines throughout the season, and by the finale, they had won. Burke and her partners Ian Ziering and Wayne Newton did not perform as well during the fourth and fifth seasons, but they remained in the top ten.

In addition to Christian de la Fuente and Maurice Green, Burke has collaborated with Gilles Marini and Tom DeLay on each of the previous four seasons. Due to DeLay’s broken feet, her time with him was cut short.