City on a Hill Season 3 Ending Explained: How Many Episodes in Season 3 of City on the Hill?

‘City on a Hill’ was ‘The Wire’ or ‘The Shield’ meets ‘The Town’ in its first season, but following Francis “Frankie” Ryan’s  arrest and eventual death, the series has steadily grown more like the first two and less like the latter.

His first moment in the show enshrines his despicability and sets up another possible clash between Jackie and Ward.

‘City on a Hill’ is set in 1990s Boston and explores both the positive and negative qualities of a story set before the digital era.

‘City on a Hill’ as production isn’t afraid to use shock to entice its audience.

Dominique commits suicide after discovering Sinclair had sexually assaulted her. She phones Victoria, the daughter of Sinclair and her best friend, and somehow begs for forgiveness.

Jackie starts working as the chief of security for Sinclair Dryden, the previous regional director of the bureau in Boston, in the season 3 premiere, titled “Gods and Monsters.

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