Cruel Summer Season 2 Release Date

We appreciated seeing how all the characters in Cruel Summer lived up to the title by being Cruel. Now, be ready to return to a world filled with nostalgia, melancholy, and intrigue, as Freeform has renewed Cruel Summer for a second season.

To begin with, though, we have some possibly terrible news for supporters. Fans who adored the actors and plot of the first season will not see any of it in the second. The upcoming season will feature an entirely new storyline, cast of characters, setting, and time period.

Last year, Jessica Biel, the show’s executive producer, indicated that new episodes of Cruel Summer will premiere in 2022. On a certain date, no formal announcement has been issued.

In a press release, Freeform disclosed some plot details, noting, “Set in a lovely seaside town in the Pacific Northwest, the latest chapter of ‘Cruel Summer’ follows the development and demise of a close adolescent relationship.

Future episodes will be set in a lovely beach town in the Pacific Northwest and will follow the development and collapse of a youthful friendship as a result of a complicated and challenging love triangle.