First Kill Ending Explained: How Did Theo Become a Vampire First Kill?

First Kill is a campy drama on Netflix about a vampire and a monster hunter who fall in love.

Being a teen girl is difficult enough, but things become even more difficult when you fall for your mortal enemy.

Netflix has not announced if the TV program will be renewed or canceled, but it could follow in the footsteps of Heartstopper, Netflix’s other recent popular LGBTQ+ TV drama

First Kill’s first season significantly expands the source material by adding additional characters and worldbuilding, although other elements—like the beginning of the entire saga—remain the same.

Juliette needs to eat before she loses control because the blood capsules she uses to suppress her appetite soon stop working.

Calliope drives a wooden stake into her chest and flees when Juliette’s teeth enter Calliope’s neck. Love at first taste, indeed.

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