Gloria Estefan Net Worth

In the early stages of her career, Gloria Estefan was the main vocalist for the band formerly known as “Miami Latin Boys” and later renamed “Miami Sound Machine.” In 1985, she released the song “Conga,” which became a worldwide phenomenon.

The family on her father’s side hails from Florida. After returning from Vietnam, Estefan’s father was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, which doctors say was brought on by his exposure to Agent Orange. In 1974, Gloria became a naturalised U.S. citizen.

That year, “Cuts Both Ways” became Gloria’s best-selling album. Both “Don’t Wanna Lose You” and “Cuts Both Ways” were top-charting singles. During a snowstorm on March 20, 1990, a semi-truck collided with Estefan’s tour bus in Scranton, Pennsylvania. President Bush met with Estefan to discuss her anti-drug campaign.

She was brought to New York City for spinal surgery. Ten months following the disaster, she healed and resumed her tour. “Into the Light” reentered the charts in 1991. “Coming Out of the Dark” was her most popular hit in the United States.

Globally, Gloria Estefan has sold 130 million records, including 31.5 million in the United States. She has won seven Grammys over the course of five decades. Since 1977, Gloria Estefan has published 24 albums and achieved 38 number one singles.