Jim Cramer Net Worth

Early Career Years Jim Cramer was born to a Jewish household in Pennsylvania on February 10, 1955. (a suburb of Philadelphia).

Goldman Sachs After getting a Harvard law degree, Cramer became a stockbroker at Goldman Sachs. He didn’t practise law after joining the NYSBA in 1985.

Cramer & Co .Cramer left Goldman Sachs to start Cramer & Co. in 1987. (later to be known as Cramer, Berkowitz & Co.). He raised $450 million in $5 million increments for a 20 percent fee.

Smart Money, TheStreet.com Cramer was “editor at large” at SmartMoney magazine. When he made $2 million buying stocks before an article with his recommendations was published, he was accused of unethical behaviour.

Immobilien In their divorce settlement, Jim sold Karen the house for $1. Karen’s home sold for $3.675 million in April 2019. Jim spent $4.7 million on a Summit, NJ, home in 2008. He owns a 65-acre home in New Jersey.