John Daly Net Worth

John Daly is a $2 million golfer. John has lost tens of millions of dollars due to a gambling obsession and several divorces. This article will elaborate.

In 1987, John Daly went pro and won the Missouri Open. Ben Hogan Utah Classic, 1990. By 1991, he’d won the PGA. As an underdog, Daly generated a golfing frenzy. In 1993, he finished third at the Masters. Daly was suspended in 1994 for leaving mid-round. This led to alcohol treatment.

Daly needed sponsorships and invitations to events due to his non-exempt status. Despite earning millions, he’s broke. John became PGA Tour Champions-eligible in 2016. After this, he finally started winning again. Daly competed in the Champions Tour through 2020.

Daly endorses Loudmouth Golf apparel. In 2014, he signed with budget golf shop Rock Bottom Golf. John Daly Wines (which closed) and JD Designs were other initiatives. In California, Ireland, Canada, Missouri, and Arkansas, JD Designs has created courses. “Prostroke Golf” featured Daly.

John Daly has been ill for years. He had lap-band surgery in 2009 to reduce his food intake. He lost 100 pounds. He was overweight and had health problems. Day was bitten by a brown recluse spider in 2019. Daly survived sepsis surgery.