Jon Hamm Net Worth

Despite the fact that actor Jon Hamm was never actually employed by a high-powered executive on Madison Avenue, the actor’s net worth gives the impression that he was.

Because of his performance as the iconic television character Don Draper on the AMC series, the Missouri native received a salary that was both competitive and consistently increasing over the course of his seven-season run on the show. At the height of the show’s popularity

Jon was making $275,000 per episode, which translated to more than $3.5 million for the entire season. The critically acclaimed television show was the stepping stone that allowed the Golden Globe winner to build the remainder of his acting career.

Throughout his career, the heartthrob has also made cameo appearances in a number of other well-known movies and television shows. On the big screen, Jon has roles in successful movies like “Bridemaids,” “The Town,” and “Baby Driver.”

In addition, Jon’s work as a voice actor in animation was very successful. Both Shrek Forever After and Minions featured him in supporting roles. The 2015 film that was a hit with children generated more than a billion dollars at the box office