King of Stonks Ending Explained: Can Sheila Williams Disclose Cablecash? Has Felix a Backup Plan?

A 2022 German television series called “King of Stonks” doesn’t use the name of the scandal it is based on, but it does provide a hint that it is about the worst financial scandal in the nation’s history.

Wirecard scandal, which shocked the nation, served as inspiration for the series, which was produced by Philipp Kasbohrer and Matthias Murmann.

The “King of Stonks” series on Netflix uses a few artistic licenses while developing a suspenseful plot.

One of the most thrilling initial public offerings (IPOs) in German history, CableCash was set to go public in a day.

Magnus A. Cramer, the company’s CEO, didn’t always present such a flamboyant image. He used to be a reserved worker for a consulting company, and his coworkers used to make fun of him for his dullness and pessimism.

The software-containing PC from the office disappeared overnight, preventing the two parties’ agreement from being completed.

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