Leonardo Del Vecchio Net Worth

Early Years – Leonardo da Vinci’s life is a classic tale of a poor boy becoming wealthy. – He was born into a poor family, and when his mother could no longer care for him, she placed him in an orphanage. At age 14, he obtained his first job.

A Billionaire from Italy Passes Away His first wife, Luciana Nervo, had three children, and his second wife, Nicoletta Zampillo, had a fourth child. With his third partner, Sabina Grossi, he had two children, although they were never married.

Luxottica’s Past Del Vecchio began selling eyeglass frames under the brand name Luxottica in 1967. After achieving great success, he decided to engage in vertical integration. He acquired the Scarrone distribution company in 1974..

Disputes Concerning Monopoly Luxottica has received considerable criticism over the years for the high prices of its name-brand glasses.

Leonardo Del Vecchio’s Net Worth Leonardo owned a greater share of Luxottica than anyone else, 61,9 percent. He also owned shares in the Italian-based companies Covivo, Mediobanca, and Assicurazioni Generali.