Markiplier Net Worth

Mark Edward Fischbach, also known by his moniker Markiplier, is a content developer, podcaster, and voice actor. According to Forbes, he has one of the top 100 most subscribed YouTube channels and is the third most paid YouTuber.

Fischbach was born on June 28, 1989, in Honolulu, Hawaii. His father is of German descent and met Mark’s Korean mother while serving in the United States military.

He was a trumpet player in the marching band at Milford High School. He attended the University of Cincinnati to study biomedical engineering, but he dropped out to concentrate on YouTube. His father also passed away during this time due to cancer.

He subsequently created gameplay videos. In 2014, Fischbach announced that he will be relocating to Los Angeles to enhance his material. After the passing of his close buddy Daniel Kyre in 2015, he stopped sharing movies.

When he returned, Fischbach demonstrated his desire to work in spontaneous theatre by shifting his attention back to comic sketches. This choice was well-received by fans, and he now has 32,3 million subscribers. This places his YouTube channel in the top 95 most-subscribed channels.