Matt Gaetz Net Worth

Matt Gaetz was born on May 7, 1982 in Hollywood, Florida. Vicky, his mother, was a pharmacist for nearly two decades. His father, Don Gaetz, was a politician and healthcare executive in the past.

A year after the law was enacted, Don and his business partners transformed a non-profit hospice care agency run by a religious group into a for-profit organisation called VITAS Healthcare.

In 2004, Chemed paid $400 million for the acquisition of VITAS. Chemed earns around $2 billion in annual sales due to its two key assets: VITAS and Roto Rooter.

According to a financial report he submitted when he was a state senator, Don Gaetz’s net worth after the sale of VITAS was $25 million. Matt Gaetz received his bachelor’s degree from Florida State University in 2003 and his juris doctorate from the College of William and Mary.

In 1991, Matt’s parents purchased a property in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida for $125,000. The home of Jim Carrey, as Truman Burbank, and Laura Linney, as Meryl Burbank, was featured in the 1998 film