The Boys Season 3 Ending Explained: is Black Noir a Clone of Homelander?

Season 3 of The Boys has come to a close, and wow, was that finale packed with options, wasn’t it?

He appears to be debating whether or not to take a dose of Temp V to aid Annie in her conflict with Soldier Boy but ultimately decides against doing so.

Due to her imprisonment in Vought’s tower, Maeve was sort of missing for most of this season of The Boys.

Soldier Boy’s bomb would have destroyed the building if she hadn’t jumped directly onto him and thrown him out the window.

When Soldier Boy attacks Homelander, Ryan, Homelander’s son, tries to save his father, but Soldier Boy blasts Ryan away.

I still believe that Homelander is the very worst. He has hurt so many people and committed the worst crimes of all the supes.

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