Tommy Lee Net Worth

Tommy Lee is well known for his contributions to the heavy metal band “Motley Crüe,” in which he played the drums for many years. In 1999, he established the rap-metal band that would later be known as “Methods of Mayhem.”

Twenty studio albums, five compilation albums, and ten live albums were released under his name. Six of these twenty have been certified as platinum. As a solo singer, he was also quite successful in his career.

Thomas Lee Bass, better known as Tommy Lee, was given birth to in the year 1962 in the city of Athens, Greece.

In 1995, Tommy spent $837,886 on the acquisition of a home located in the hills of Malibu. Pamela Anderson, his ex-wife, was a frequent visitor at this house.

This Malibu home was featured in an episode of “MTV Cribs” that aired in the year 2000, and it was one of the homes that was toured. After ten years, he finally decided to sell the home and got $2.5 million for it.