Tyler Perry Net Worth

Tyler is self-made. He started with one play, I Know I’ve Been Changed. Tyler turned the show into a little theatre business, which grew into his multi-media empire. Tyler owns all costs, revenues, and profits.

Beginnings Emmitt Perry Jr. was born in New Orleans on September 13, 1969. He got a GED instead of a diploma. Tyler began writing as a way to heal from childhood maltreatment by family members.

Movie Hit Perry approached Lionsgate after his homegrown breakthrough. Perry would fund half of a $5.5 million picture. Lionsgate contributed the other half and took a marketing and distribution charge.

Work-Related Star Trek (2009), Alex Cross (2012), Gone Girl (2014), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (2016), and Vice feature Perry (2018).

TP Studios Tyler Perry Studios opened in 2006 in Atlanta. In 2019, Perry debuted Tyler Perry Studios’ new home on the 330-acre former military base Fort McPherson he bought four years earlier. Civil war Confederate base.