Warrior Nun Season 2 Release Date

Warrior Nun was originally a well-received supernatural motion tale drama based on Ben Dunn’s comic book sequence Warrior Nun Areala, starring Alba Baptista as the eponymous character.

It’s been a while since the finale of Warrior Nun had fans on the edge of their seats with the cliffhanger conclusion, and it’s no secret that fans of the show are eager to see what the second season will bring.

The protagonist of ‘Warrior Nun’ is 19-year-old Ava, who awakens in a mortuary after being offered a second chance at life. Her new existence is accompanied by a divine obstacle that includes effective hostility from heaven and hell.

If the sequence is revived for a second season, we anticipate the show’s overarching plot to explore how Ava and her fellow novices would respond to the revelation that the order was founded on lies.

During a lovely digital reunion that the streaming service posted on Twitter, the cast applauded when series lead Simon Barry announced that they would soon reunite.