Westworld Season 4 Episode 4 Ending Explained: Who Created Christina’s World?

While Season 4’s first three episodes of “Westworld” were not without their secrets and surprises, they were noticeably less complicated than earlier episodes.

The confusing time leaps and the frequent need for viewers to wonder if a character was alive or dead, a host or a human, were no longer present.

Maeve hacks into Caleb’s limbic implant as he is bleeding out on the ground and demonstrates what a free and content life could be like for him.

They will go with their debauched recollections of their adventures and my parasites as souvenirs, she claims.

Maeve rescues Caleb once more by temporarily disabling her auditory sensors and taking control of the sonic control tower to render William and Charlotte inoperable.

After leaving the park, Caleb and Maeve travel to a quarry within the park to face The Man in Black one last time.

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