William Hung Net Worth

William Hung was born in Hong Kong to Chinese parents on January 13, 1983. William feels proud of his Asian origins while being an American. At age 11, he went to Van Nuys, California, with his parents from Sha Tin.

Career William’s short singing career is undoubtedly the highlight of his life thus far. He gained a reputation as the singer who couldn’t sing. William auditioned for “American Idol” in San Francisco on 15 January 2004.

TV/Commercials William Hung’s 2004 fame opened several doors. His film career was almost as successful as his music. He appeared in ads for “Ask.com,” “The Game Show Network,” “Cingular Wireless,” and “The Toronto Blue Jays.”

Law Enforcement In 2008, William decided to finish his degree at California State University, Northridge. He then became a statistics analyst for the LA County Sheriff’s Department. His job was to collect and analyse statistics on county crime trends.

Public Speaking William made motivational speaking his life’s work. He has dedicated his time and energy to filling the world’s communication gap.