What do we know about the deadly road trip of Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie

On the one hand, Gabriel Petito died several weeks after his disappearance. On the other hand, her boyfriend is silent and then disappears until the “human remains” he may have are found. Again for this case, several gray areas remain to be clarified.

A van, one of the best scenic spots on the American West Coast and at the end of a road trip, a play. The body of 22-year-old Instagram user Gabriel Petito was found in Wyoming on September 19, three to four weeks after his death.

Her boyfriend, Brian Laundry, returned without her, without giving an explanation, before disappearing without them in early September. BFMTV.com This case has many twists and turns and is still shrouded in mystery.

Anxious disappearance

In July, Gabriel Petito embarked on a van road trip with her boyfriend Brian Laundry. For almost two months, the lovers regularly post their wandering photos. But on Sept. 1, Brian Laundry returned home to own a port in North Florida.

The young woman, nicknamed “KP”, had her last contact with her family since the end of August, when she was last seen in the vast Grand Daton National Park in Wyoming. Brian can’t explain his disappearance.

Brian refuses to say where he last saw Coffee’s family. Brian also refuses to explain why he left KP alone and drove the van to Florida. These are important questions that need immediate answers, “said one traveler’s family in a statement.

Confusing argument

Soon, the young man was deemed “worthy of interrogation” by the police. He is being questioned by investigators but his silence has not worked in his favor. A video released by police, especially in the small town of Moab in Utah, highlights the confusion over the role he played.

Gabriel Petito appears in tears in a police car called to solve a marriage problem.

“She’s annoyed at times,” Brian tells the laundry officers, explaining that there was an argument between them and that she hit him with his phone.

But, according to Independent, New pictures of the police filmed on the same day show the young woman confirming to the police that she was abused by her boyfriend. In this new scene, he says:

“He didn’t hit me in the face or anything … he grabbed me and nailed his finger … I was cut right here (showing her cheek). It burned when I touched her”.

The main suspect disappeared

The case has provoked strong sentiment on social networks and media, which Brian Laundry insists has always been quiet. But this central figure – the victim’s parents were waiting for an explanation from him – in turn, according to his relatives on September 13.

The U.S. Federal Police issued an arrest warrant against him and conducted an intensive search hunt to find him. Investigators are primarily focusing on the Florida swamp.

Brian Laundry, 23, of Mod City, USA.
Brian Laundry, 23, of Mod City, USA. © Guide / Moab City Police Department / AFP

“Carlton security is sometimes a big and hostile area. It is now engulfed in many places. It is a dangerous job for search parties advancing through swamp-infested swamps and snakes,” Northport Police said in a Facebook post.

The body of KP, a murder victim, was found

Meanwhile, the body of a woman was found September 19 in an area of ​​Wyoming National Park where Gabriel Petito was last seen.

The autopsy confirms that it was actually a young woman who went missing and revealed that she was the victim of murder by strangulation. He died three or four weeks before his body was found.

Human remains belonging to Brian Laundry found in Florida

Since the sudden disappearance of Brian Laundry, there have been numerous reports that Americans believe he has been seen across the country. But on October 20, after a month and a half of investigation, the investigation takes a new turn: “human remains” and items belonging to KP Petito’s fianc are found in the Florida Nature Reserve.

The northern harbor area where items belonging to Brian Laundry were discovered.
The northern harbor area where items belonging to Brian Laundry were discovered. T Mark Taylor

Investigators have discovered that these “human remains” may have belonged to a “recently underwater area” with personal belongings such as a bag and personal belongings such as a notebook owned by Brian Laundry.

Strong emotion at the victim’s funeral

After learning of KP Petito’s death, his relatives and family gathered near New York to celebrate his funeral, which was broadcast live on the Internet due to interest in the case in the country. The young woman’s father insisted that she should not feel sad over her daughter’s death, but should rejoice in her short but adventurous life.

“When you leave here today, be impressed by what she has given us – because the name of this woman is now known around the world. I can not be proud of being a father,” said Joe Petito.

After several twists and turns, police have not yet confirmed whether the human remains found in Florida actually belong to Brian Laundry. A death that complicates the expression of truth. So investigators need to redouble their patience and perseverance to reconsider the circumstances of this deadly road trip.

Ambre Lepoivre with AFP BFMTV Reporter