What Does Smh Mean on Tiktok: Everything You Need To Know!


What Does Smh Mean on Tiktok?

TikTok appears to be growing in popularity by the day, and in the years since its launch, there have been a variety of viral trends and challenges to taking over the app.

This is accompanied by a slew of new slang terms that have emerged on the app, whether they are existing words that have been transferred over from other social media platforms like Twitter, or whether they have been created specifically by the TikTok community.


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‘SMH’ has been around for a while on the internet and has been used across most social media platforms, so it’s no surprise that the acronym has made its way onto TikTok as well.

What Does Smh Mean on Tiktok

If you’ve ever heard this term used in a video or a comment on the app, here’s everything you need to know about it.

SMH meaning on TikTok

In most cases, SMH stands for shaking my head’ or shaking my head.’ The term is primarily used to express disappointment and is usually used in response to someone, whether it is a specific comment or a referenced scenario.

Although this is the most common meaning of SMH, it can also stand for other things. Examples include much hate, “smack my head,’ and somehow.’

The meaning of the term will ultimately vary depending on the context of the conversation, but it is a commonly used word on TikTok and elsewhere.

If you’re having trouble understanding some of TikTok’s most popular terms, such as’mid’ or’moots,’ check out our slang guide here.

What is the Tiktok ‘who is She?’ Song?

If TikTok is known for anything, it’s its ability to repurpose and remix incredibly niche songs into popular trends that can get stuck in your head for weeks. One such song is making the rounds on the app, and it’s certainly going viral, with over 200,000 videos.

The “who is she?” sound was originally posted by a user named “Clara,” and the song soundtracks a clip from the Netflix show You in the original video. The sound took on a life of its own and evolved into the current trend.

What Does Smh Mean on Tiktok

TikTok creators mostly use the “who is she” sound to show off how hot they’ve become by posting a photo of them before their transformation and then a photo of them after their glow-up.

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The majority of videos feature a photo of the creator as a young teen or prepubescent child prior to the enviable glow-up shot. The majority of the videos simply show how the users have learned to style themselves or have simply grown up, but some of the viral videos show less physical glow-ups.

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