What is AdBlue in a Mercedes and How To Refill It?

Drivers all around the European Union and the United Kingdom have to comply with a range of emission laws, designed to prevent global warming from accelerating, but becoming a huge nuisance for vehicle owners and long-range drivers. One of the elements introduced by these new laws is AdBlue – in Mercedes vehicles, it is a vital part of the car, without which it won’t start. What exactly is AdBlue and how to refill it in Mercedes cars?

What is AdBlue?

AdBlue, also sometimes called diesel exhaust unit (DEF), is a liquid solution of urea, delivered into the exhaust gas stream through the selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system. The goal of AdBlue is to lower the concentration of nitrogen oxide (NOx) in the exhaust of a diesel vehicle, reducing emission levels by a large margin.

Unfortunately, AdBlue can be the cause of many problems. While in theory good for the environment, AdBlue often ends up being a huge nuisance for drivers, as the surrounding system is known to be extremely faulty. If the car detects an SCR problem or there is not enough AdBlue liquid in the tank, the vehicle may prevent the driver from starting the engine. Because of this, many drivers look for alternative ways of dealing with AdBlue in Mercedes vehicles, including AdBlue emulators and other workarounds.

Refilling AdBlue in Mercedes vehicles

In most modern Mercedes vehicles, AdBlue is regulated and administered automatically by the onboard computer. Diesel vehicles with the AdBlue system on board have a NOx sensor located in the exhaust, which tells the onboard computer how much AdBlue should be added to the mix to efficiently reduce nitrogen oxides in the fumes.

AdBlue in Mercedes vehicles doesn’t have to be replaced or refilled manually. Usually, the

AdBlue tank inside your car should be large enough to last you until the next maintenance. There might, however, pop up an AdBlue Mercedes level warning on your dashboard if it does start to run out – don’t ignore this warning, as your vehicle will not start if the tank runs dry. If you see the warning, immediately visit an authorized Mercedes-Benz Service & Maintenance workshop.

AdBlue emulators for Mercedes cars

While AdBlue might be good for the environment, it often causes more trouble than it’s worth it – mainly because of how prone to malfunctions it is. The SCR system is one of the most common causes of car malfunction in modern diesel vehicles, prompting many drivers to switch off the system entirely – but isn’t that illegal?

With an AdBlue emulator for Mercedes vehicles, drivers can enable and disable the SCR system with a simple on-off button. The emulator overrides the original SCR control mechanism, causing no errors in On-Board Diagnostics and no loss of engine power. Such devices are easy to install and don’t cost much, and allow drivers who cross countries often to turn off AdBlue whenever it is not necessary by the law to have it active, and back on for areas where it is required.

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