What is the proposed “protected zone” to create macron in Kabul?

Emmanuel Macron said on Sunday that he wanted to create a “safe zone” in Afghanistan and would continue to provide humanitarian assistance even after the withdrawal of foreign troops.

Before the Americans left, the UN The Security Council is due to discuss Afghanistan on Monday. On the agenda, Creating a “protected zone” in Kabul, To ensure the continuity of humanitarian action. “This is very importantPresident Emmanuel Macron said Sunday To J.D.T. , By stimulating this Franco-British initiative “Safe Zone. ⁇It will provide a framework for the United Nations to act on emergencies and, above all, put everyone in front of their responsibilities and the international community to maintain pressure on the Taliban.“He promised to advocate for the possibility of facilitating future emissions through development, with the help of Qatar.”Reopening airlifts or some overhead lines.

On Monday, the Kremlin made it known Welcome Proposal by the French President. “Obviously, we need to discuss this project“However, a spokesman said

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