December 1, 2021


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Who are the mercenaries of the Wagner group that the Kremlin claims it does not know?



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A few weeks ago, in the face of the gradual withdrawal of French troops, Mali announced, through the voice of his prime minister, that he would explore other avenues for its defense. Wagner, a Russian group already talked about in Ukraine, Syria and Libya, appeared to be a paramilitary group. And Moscow says it does not know …

Wagner says several thousand Russian mercenaries in the group are capable of changing the course of the conflict, but the Kremlin says it does not know them. Six years ago, in Ukraine, the group made headlines for the first time by appearing in a camp of pro-Russian rebels. From that moment on, these mercenaries will play a decisive role in many countries in war like Syria, where they are with Bashar al-Assad’s men.

Soon they could find themselves in Mali, where the French forces would gradually withdraw. During the week of October 4 to 10, the Malians expressed their happiness by displaying Russian flags. The board is actually negotiating a deal with the Wagner group. “What Russia is doing is provoking France and the United States, sending small groups, knowing that they will react.”, Explains Sergei Sugangin, a researcher at the Jamestown Foundation. As for the West, Wagner’s mercenaries are rarely, if ever, accused of abuse in Syria.

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